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Jose Gonzalez, Temecula Pioneer Passes Away in January 1921
Compiled by Malcolm Barnett

  (EDITOR’S NOTE: During preparations for this issue while reviewing and reproducing the “Gossip Column” from January 1921, I discovered in the column a lengthy entry regarding the passing of Jose Gonzalez, so decided to make special note of the 100th anniversary of his demise as this month’s feature and share the article below from the TVHS website “Family History” area. Multiple generations of his descendants were born and lived in the area. Malcolm Barnett a recent board member was the great-grandson of Jose Gonzalez. Malcolm’s widow Loretta Barnett is currently on the TVHS board. Jose’s daughter Ysabel (Aunt Bessie) was Malcolm’s grandmother.)

  Jose Maria Gonzalez was born in Cadiz Spain and studied to become a priest. Instead of taking his vows for the priesthood, he went to Scotland and studied to become an accountant. While in Scotland, he worked for a shipping company.

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JANUARY 2021 - Jose Gonzalez, Temecula Pioneer Passes Away in January 1921