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The Flood at Temecula 1884
Reprinted from the San Diego Union Tribune - February 27th 1884

  Much Damage to Property – Railroad Bridges Between Temecula and Colton Washed Away.

  Assessor M. D. Hamilton has received a letter from Mr. J. M. Gonzales, of Temecula, giving a more detailed account than has yet been published of the extent and damage done by the recent flood at Temecula. He writes, under date of February 20th:
  The flood has done me more injury in proportion to the size of my place than anyone else here. A fence inclosing sixty acres of my land is either washed away or damaged to such an extent that it cannot again be used. My fruit trees have been greatly damaged, and some fines which I had buried, to plant in March, were washed away. Four hundred trees which I had ordered at Colton will be lost, on account of the stoppage of trains.

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