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                                               Mission Statement
“Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Historic Vail Ranch Headquarters.”

VaRRA, an acronym for the Vail Ranch Restoration Association, had its beginning in the mid 1990’s when a small cadre of Temecula residents who were interested in preserving the lore and legends of Temecula learned that portions of the Vail Ranch site might be razed to make room for development.  As a result of their efforts over the years Vail Ranch is now a significant California historical site. 

VaRRA is dedicated to the preservation of the Historic Vail Ranch Headquarters Site in an area where Temecula originally started.  Today this 4 acre site holds the last remaining portion of the Butterfield Overland Stage Trail and Ft. Yuma Road.  This is also the route the Mormon Battalion marched in January 1847 on their way to San Diego during the Mexican-American War in California.

Stop by the Little Temecula History Center and help us honor and celebrate
Temecula’s rich and vibrant history.  

The History Center is filled with numerous artifacts that speak to the history of this remarkable area.  View, read about and touch the treasures in this unique setting and learn about the development and expansion of this history rich area. 

Climb aboard a replica of Butterfield Stagecoach that ran through the Temecula Valley from 1858 until 1861, pausing at an adobe stage stop. Crank a mechanical bellows on a blacksmith’s forge that was used to heat and shape horseshoes on the Vail Ranch from 1905 until the ranch was sold to developers in 1964. See how an antique rope making device can turn twine into small rope for daily use on the Ranch. Explore the construction of an authentically restored chuck wagon and learn how “Cookie” fed the dozens of cowboys on the sprawling, 87,500 acre Vail Ranch that was home to thousands of head of cattle!

The historic Vail Headquarters with its original buildings is now open to the public and is home to several fine business establishments.  It is alive with activity such as the Farmers Market and Sunday Funday Activities, visit the EVENTS page for more information.

The completed restoration of Vail Headquarters brings a sense of history as well as attractions for visitors similar to Old Town San Diego, Cannery Row in Monterey and Olvera Street in Los Angeles.

Renovation has been completed on the 1868 Wolf Store, home to Augie's Coffee Roasters and a la Minute Ice Cream.  This room display is one of many historical displays and markers located throughout the Vail Headquarters.

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